Information About Us

This a unique emotional support and information sharing service for those that have been deserted by their partners. My name is Ann Jones and my husband left me and our four children after 30 years. I needed to make this experience into something really positive so I started this website. Like everyone who discovers their partner has bolted I went through 'the mill' but you don't need to!

If you have been deserted, then this community based site is here for you with the emphasis on supporting each other. Maybe sometime in the future, you may come back and help others! Common to everyone who has been deserted is a lack of knowledge which causes extra worry. Here we share our knowledge so that each of us can gain from each others experiences, thus minimizing the fear that isolation and our lack of experience in this area can create.

How can we help?

Everyone experiences a different range of emotions from day one. Most remain unsupported and for them desertion can be one of the worst occurrences that has ever happened to them. Others may naturally be well be equipped to take it all in their stride. For many of us just sharing ourselves emotionally, will help provide a valuable therapeutic benefit. Emotionally, one can be very 'real' here, real in every way, however inappropriate it would seem in the outside world. This site is for the vast majority of people who could do with some support be it practical or emotional. Support from others in the same boat, support from those who have been in the same boat and support from specialist experts